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ABS Sensors

ABS (Antilock Braking System) Sensor



ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is what keeps a vehicle safe when suddenly braking by preventing the wheels to lock.

ABS sensor measures wheel speed and direction of rotation. It is a magnetic pulse/Hall type sender that signals the ECU with a frequency signal which increases with wheel speed. This information is most commonly used by the anti-lock brake system. It is practivally a sender device used for reading the speed of a vehicle's wheel rotation

ABS Failure Symptoms:  ABS/DSC warning light illuminated on dash board. Brakes locking under severe conditions.

Maintenance:  Inspect for damage or corrosion at sensor and sensor terminals at time of routine service and brake maintenance. Check sensor for build up of dirt or debris which may affect performance.

Here at World Car Parts we stock extensive range of ABS sensors for all makes and more than happy to help customers find the correct ABS sensor for their vehicle.