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Air Flow Meters

Air Flow Meter / Mass Air Flow Sensor / MAF / AFM



An air flow meter meaures the mass of air flowing through the device and sends this imformation to the ECU to calculate right air-fuel mixture for optimum engine performance.

Air flow meter failure symptoms are similar to some of the other parts but to mention some, the performance of the vehicle may decrease, fuel consumption may increase.  The most common compalints we hear from our customers that they say the car feels gutless.

The engine light should come on on the dashboard to report that there is an air flow meter failure. The diagnostic tool or the car's computer should make it clear if the air flow meter is faulty.

We get asked by our customers whether cleaning the air flow meter can solve an air flow meter issue and we must say in our case we`ve never seen this as a solution.

If you have your car diagnosed and know that you need an air flow meter then we are here to help. Please don't hesitate to contact us to find the correct air flow meter for your car.